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OT Fire Starters – Day 227: Psalms 104-106

READ: Psalms 104-106

THINK: What are you going after in life? Are your pursuits worthwhile? Are they things you’ve always dreamed of? Or did they just come up out of convenience? And how do these things line up with God’s goals for your life? Though God gives you certain abilities and aspirations, you must deliberately choose to find and follow His plans. If you insist on going your own way and satisfying selfish desires, God may give you what you want, but He may also allow you to experience the consequences. For example, He may let you make bad choices regarding such things as activities, relationships or even your life’s work. But wrong choices can lead you down roads of regret and rob you of peace and purpose. However, if you trust God and pursue His plans, you’ll find ultimate life and fulfillment.

RESPOND: How does Psalm 104 describe God’s involvement with His creation? (See 104:1-35 note.) Why and in what ways has creation been damaged? According to 104:30, how and when are things created and renewed by God? What three commands does Psalm 105:1 give God’s people, and how will obeying these affect your relationship with God and your influence on others? (See 105:1-45 note.) In what ways can you make known what God has done? Why and in what ways should we “look to the LORD and his strength”? (See 105:4 note.) How does the recap of Israel’s history in Psalm 105 reveal God’s blessing and care? In light of the subject of Psalm 106, why is verse 1 so significant? (See 106:1-48 note.) What tended to happen after God rescued His people, and why (106:10-13,20-21)? Why must you be careful not to desire or pursue things that aren’t God’s plans for you? (See 106:15 note.) How did the Israelites allow themselves to be influenced by cultures around them (106:35-36)? What’s the real power behind false “gods,” and how can Christians guard against the influence of these powers? (See 106:37 note.)

PRAY: Give thanks for God’s power and care over all creation. Pray that His power and activity will be evident in your life and that you’ll not entertain temptations or desires to stray from God’s purposes for you.

ACT: Ask God’s Spirit to search your life and to reveal ways in which you’ve been negatively influenced by other people or the surrounding culture. If you’re aware of any such influence, make the changes necessary to rid your life of ungodliness and to pursue the positive activities and ventures God intends. If anyone asks you about the changes or differences in your life, take the opportunity to talk about your relationship with Jesus.

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