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OT Fire Starters – Day 225: Psalms 98-101

READ: Psalms 98-101

THINK: What do you do for entertainment? Modern culture is obsessed with entertainment. People build their homes around entertainment centers. They build their social lives around entertainment events. Even their behaviors are molded by what they see on the field, stage or screen. Contemporary media is more than happy to supply an endless variety of options for our viewing pleasure. Through TV, movies, books, magazines and games people are consumed with images of immorality, brutality, pornography and all kinds of evil as a means of satisfying their appetite for entertainment. However, those who prioritize their relationship with God don’t take pleasure in ungodly behavior and will guard their lives by not intentionally viewing anything that might grieve the Holy Spirit.

RESPOND: What’s the main theme of Psalm 98, and how is this purpose being fulfilled today? (See 98:1-9 note.) When, why and in what ways will nature rejoice because of God’s judgement? (See 98:9 note.) What does it mean that the Lord is “holy” (99:3,5,9)? (See the Glossary of Terms, p. 2265 in the FBSE.) According to 99:4, what does God love? What privileges does prayer give God’s people? (See 99:6 note.) Why and in what ways are songs effective in praising God? (See 100:2 note.) Why are joy and gladness vital in worshiping God (100:1-2)? Why is it important to come to God with thanksgiving (100:4)? How can you “be careful to lead a blameless life” (101:2) and to keep a “blameless heart”? (See 101:2 note.) What does the writer mean when he says, “I will set before my eyes no vile thing” (101:3) and how will putting that principle into practice affect your current behavior, activities and lifestyle? (See 101:3 note.) How should the principles of 101:3-7 affect your relationships and conversations?

PRAY: Pray that you’ll recognize and seize opportunities to share Christ’s message and influence others for Jesus. Ask Jesus to help you avoid watching things that could corrupt your mind and spirit.

ACT: Give God thanks for as many things as you can that come to mind today. Make any necessary activity or lifestyle changes to avoid watching or doing things that could corrupt your mind and spirit and cause you to have ungodly or impure thoughts. This may mean getting rid of some materials, media or entertainment items.

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