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OT Fire Starters – Day 223: Psalms 90-93

READ: Psalms 90-93

THINK: Life is short, so play hard. Get all you can. Don’t plan too far ahead. These are just a few of the misguided philosophies people have when considering the fact that life is indeed short-at least on this earth. What many fail to comprehend is that life goes on. Our brief span on the planet is simply a preparation for the next life-where we will spend eternity. That means we must determine what God wants us to accomplish with His help and make sure we invest our time in things that benefit His kingdom and have an eternal effect in people’s lives. When our time on earth is over, God will evaluate us based on how we lived or did not live in relation to Him and His purposes.

RESPOND: What does it mean that the Lord is “our dwelling place” (90:1)? What must people acknowledge to God before they can be restored to a favorable relationship with Him and fully enjoy His blessings? (See 90:1-17 note.) What’s the significance of the phrase, “from everlasting to everlasting you are God”? (See 90:2 note.) How can considering the shortness of your earthly life help you gain wisdom? (See 90:12 note.) How should you invest the time you have? (See 90:12 note.) Why and how do those who trust God enjoy ultimate security? (See 91:1-16 and 91:1 notes.) What four names are used for God in Psalm 91:1-2, and how does each reflect God’s protection and care? (See 91:1-2 note.) As a child of God, does the fact that “no harm will befall you” (91:10) mean that you shouldn’t have problems or pain? Why or why not? (See 91:10 note.) How are angels involved with God’s people? (See 91:11 note.) What’s the key to receiving God’s protective care? (See 91:14 note.) Why is it good to praise God at all times and in all ways (92:1-4)? What are some things you can praise and thank God for? (See 92:1 note.)

PRAY: Ask God to help you spend your time on earth wisely and to serve His purposes effectively. Give Him thanks for the peace, protection and security you have through your relationship with Jesus.

ACT: Make the most of your time today. Try not to waste any of it, but ask God to help you work efficiently and effectively. Help anyone you can and try to be a positive influence on as many as you can. Spend time in prayer, and use “between-times” to talk to God. Practice any ministry in which you’re involved. Praise and thank God throughout the day for anything good that comes to mind.

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