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OT Fire Starters – Day 222: Psalm 89

READ: Psalm 89

THINK: Who gets credit for your success? When you accomplish something good or significant, where does the attention go? It’s up to you. Whether you personally get the recognition you want or deserve, you can give credit where credit is due. You can honor God for what He enables you to accomplish. He is the Source behind true success. He gives the gifts and abilities. He provides the opportunities. He guides, enlightens, equips and empowers. Ultimately, your accomplishments are for His acclaim. He gives you the opportunity to reflect His creativity and the privilege of fulfilling His purposes-just like He did with King David. So don’t rob God of His rightful glory by taking, keeping or giving the ultimate honor to anyone or anything other than Him.

RESPOND: From the beginning of this psalm, what are its main themes? To whom did the writer want to declare this message of love and faithfulness? Considering the events originally related to this psalm, what’s remarkable about the emphasis on God’s love and faithfulness? (See 89:1-52 note.) What was God’s covenant promise to David? (See 89:4 note.) Through whom did God ultimately fulfill the promise of verse 4? (See 89:4 note, subpoint 2.) In what way does God’s creation praise His wonders (v. 5)? What was the reason and source for King David’s success (vv. 11-29)? What would happen if David’s descendants turned from God and violated His law (vv. 30-32)? How and why would God still fulfill His promise, even if David’s descendants were unfaithful (vv. 33-37)? (See 89:30 note.) Even though David’s descendants did turn from God and suffered the consequences, what hope did the writer express as he concluded this psalm (v. 52)?

PRAY: Give God thanks and praise for His love and faithfulness, and for keeping His promises, particularly His promise to bring spiritual salvation as fulfilled by His Son, Jesus Christ.

ACT: Talk to someone today about something in your life that reflects or is the direct result of God’s love and faithfulness to you. Perhaps He helped you achieve something you couldn’t have done on your own or gave you a unique opportunity. Maybe He healed you physically or blessed you in some way for which you can honor Him.

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