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OT Fire Starters – Day 220: Psalms 82-84

READ: Psalms 82–84

THINK: What’s your attitude toward church? Do you look forward to going? Do you dread going? Does someone make you go? Or do you take it for granted? Though God is always with you and you can enjoy His presence wherever you are, there’s something special about a place of worship where you can gather with others to honor God, encourage one another, learn to serve as Jesus did and be challenged to reach the world for Christ. This is a privilege that not everyone in the world has-and you’re not always guaranteed. So take advantage of every opportunity to spend time in God’s house, letting Him inspire a greater passion for His presence wherever you go.

RESPOND: Why does God want His people to “defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed” (82:3)? In what specific and practical ways can you do this? What’s the primary reason the writer of Psalm 83 wants God to judge the enemies of God’s people, and what does he want them to see (83:18)? What does the writer of Psalm 84 intensely desire, and how is this an example to Christ’s followers today? (See 84:1-12 note.) In what way are people blessed as they worship God together (84:4)? With what attitude should we come to God’s house, and why? (See 84:4 note.) Why do you think the writer of Psalm 84 would rather be in God’s house than anywhere else (84:10-11)? How could you develop that kind of passion for God’s presence and for the opportunity to gather for worship? How could you take better advantage of the worship and ministry opportunities you already have? In what way can we experience all of the good things God has to offer? (See 84:11 note.)

PRAY: Ask God to give you a heart of active compassion for those who are poor, oppressed, disadvantaged and in need. Pray for opportunities to meet needs and demonstrate God’s love. Pray for a more intense desire and appreciation for time in God’s house.

ACT: Do something specific and practical to help someone who is disadvantaged or in need. Be sure to take advantage of the next opportunity your church offers to gather for worship or ministry. If you already plan to be there, pray that God will help you worship and serve with greater passion than ever.

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