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OT Fire Starters – Day 214: Psalms 64-67

READ: Psalms 64-67

THINK: When people watch you, can they see what God has done-and what He is doing? Is His presence and power evident in your life? Christ’s followers should be characterized by the work of the Holy Spirit in such a way that they constantly honor God and can say to others, “Come and see what God has done” (66:5). When it comes to convincing spiritually lost people that Christ’s message is true and His power can change their lives, few things are more effective than a real-life example. So pray continually that God will work through you in ways that make His presence, love, guidance, healing and character evident to those around you.

RESPOND: What did David do to combat the destruction and deception of his enemies? In what situations could you apply the Psalm 64 prayer? (See 64:1-10 note.) What should be our greatest joy in life, and how can we experience this? (See 65:4 note.) In what ways did the psalm writer recognize God’s care and provision for people and creation (Psalm 65)? When, where and in what ways should people be able to see God and what He’s done? (See 66:5 note.) How can God’s activity among His followers influence those who don’t know Jesus? In what ways does God sometimes test and refine His people (66:10), and how does this benefit them? According to 66:18, what can keep us from getting answers to prayer, and how can we make sure that our access to God remains open? (See 66:18 note.) Why does the writer of Psalm 67 want God’s favor and blessing, and how does this fit with God’s overall plan for His people? (See 67:1-2 note.) Why should all followers of Christ desire for His power to be evident in their lives and their churches? (See 67:1-2 note, subpoints 2 & 3.)

PRAY: Ask God to give you determination to press through spiritual difficulties and attacks. Pray for discernment to recognize and avoid deception. Give thanks for God’s constant care and provision. Pray that God’s power will be evident in your life so that when people see or think of you, their attention is drawn to Jesus.

ACT: Confess any known sin in your life and make changes to avoid the sin in the future. Make a deliberate effort to act, talk and treat people in ways that reflect Jesus’ character and compassion. Live in such a way that people can recognize Jesus in you. Read the article on Campus Missions Commitment to LIVE, p. 1776 in the FBSE.

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