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OT Fire Starters – Day 212: Psalms 56-59

READ: Psalms 56-59

THINK: How do you tend to respond when treated unfairly or facing opposition for doing the right thing? Do you complain? Do you resent how you’re treated? Perhaps your obsessed with questions like “Why me?” and “How can this be happening?”. David had questions too, and he wasn’t pleased with his situation either. And yet, he didn’t dwell on the problems or the reasons. He simply accepted the fact that God was working through the situations. While he humbly admitted his fears, he expressed complete dependence on God for help and mercy. Above all, he praised the Lord for His power, goodness, love and faithfulness in all things.

RESPOND: What stands out to you about David’s attitudes and actions in unfair and desperate situations? Why do you think David was able to praise God despite the circumstances? (See 56:4 note.) Why wasn’t David afraid of what people could do to him (56:4,11)? How do you think God views your faithfulness in times of suffering? (See 56:8 note.) What do you think it means to “take refuge in the shadow of your [God’s] wings” (57:1), and how do you do this? (See 57:1 note.) In what way did David demonstrate exceptional confidence in God’s purposes (57:2)? Where did David want God’s glory to be seen (57:5)? How does 57:10 describe God’s love and faithfulness, and why is this significant considering David’s circumstances? What was David’s attitude toward injustice and those who are guilty of it (Psalm 58)? Why must we trust God’s judgment regarding unjust people and situations? What was David’s confidence regarding people who are in right relationship with God and who do what’s right by His standard (58:11)? What evidence is there that David truly regarded God as “my Strength” (59:9,17)?

PRAY: Give thanks for His care and protection and for the fact that you don’t have to worry about what people can do to you. Give thanks for His amazing love and faithfulness to you. Thank Him for being your Strength.

ACT: Trust God to be your Strength in a difficult situation. When confronted with that situation, give God praise for His care and purpose in your life. If you see an unjust situation or someone being treated unfairly, do what you can to help the person or to promote what’s right.

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