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OT Fire Starters – Day 211: Psalms 52-55

READ: Psalms 52-55

THINK: In your effort to do what’s right, have you ever been so disheartened by ungodly people, unexpected problems or unbearable anxieties that you just wanted to give up and get away? David struggled with such feelings, but found that God was always faithful to rescue and restore him to his proper place and purpose. Regardless of the difficulty, opposition or abandonment you experience, God is there, waiting for you to “cast your cares,” concerns and crisis situations on Him so He can reveal greater power, purpose and peace to you.

RESPOND: What kinds of things do evil and ungodly people brag about (52:1)? Why do some people love evil rather than good and deception rather than truth (52:3-4)? Why does the psalm writer flourish like a tree (52:8)? What does a fool do in regard to God (53:1)? At what times and in what situations is the prayer in Psalm 54 most appropriate? (See Psalm 54:4 note.) Why did David describe himself as troubled and distraught in Psalm 55 (vv. 2-3ff)? (See 55:4 note.) In what unhealthy or negative ways do people often try to escape or run from problems? When we’re overwhelmed by difficulty and tempted to run from the problems, what should we do instead? (See 55:6 note.) Why is it especially difficult and painful to be insulted, abandoned or opposed by those who were once close to us (55:12-14)? In what ways do many people show a lack of reverent fear or regard for God (55:19)? What does it mean to “cast your cares on the LORD” (55:22), and what will this do for you? (See 55:22 note.)

PRAY: Give the Lord any pain, problems, cares or concerns that you’re currently experiencing. Trust Him to do what only He can do. Thank Him in advance for taking care of these situations.

ACT: Are you running from a tough situation rather than giving God the opportunity to strengthen you and honor himself through it? Unless you sense that God is telling you to get out of the situation, stick with it. Keep trusting the Lord and let Him show you what you can learn and what He can do through the situation.

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