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OT Fire Starters – Day 206: Psalms 35-37

READ: Psalms 35-37

THINK: Do you like to fight your own battles? Many people don’t want others to defend them or to deal with difficult situations on their behalf. Certainly we need to take responsibility for things, but we must also be humble enough to receive help when needed. But that can be tough-even when it comes to getting help from God. Whether it’s due to pride, perception or impatience, many Christians have difficulty letting God fight their battles. While God expects us to be spiritually engaged and actively resist evil, He also expects us to rely on Him, because we cannot wage spiritual warfare in our own strength and ingenuity. Yet, with God’s power, we’re assured of victory.

RESPOND: Why is it important to let God fight your battles (35:1-3)? Since God’s people are to forgive their enemies (Luke 23:34) and pray for their salvation (Matthew 5:39, 44), how should we pray when we see evil and injustice? (See 35:1-28 note.) How can we maintain a hatred for sin while loving sinners and showing compassion for those who don’t know Jesus? How should we respond to people who repay evil for good and oppose us without cause? According to 36:1-4, what are some traits and behaviors of wicked people? (See 36:4 note.) How does this contrast with God’s character traits (36:5-10)? What must you keep in mind when ungodly people seem to prosper and godly people suffer? (See 37:1-40 note.) What does it mean to “delight yourself in the LORD” (37:4), and what will happen if you do? (See 37:4 note.) If you “commit your way to the LORD” (37:6) and trust Him, what will He do for you? (See 37:6 note.) Why is it important to wait patiently for God when you see injustices in the world? (See 37:7 note.) According to 37:21, what’s one difference in how godly people handle their personal resources compared to how wicked people do? According to 37:23-29, what does God promise to those who are faithful to Him?

PRAY: Give God thanks for fighting your battles. Pray for people you know who are still enslaved by sin. Ask God to give you His heart and desires. Ask Him to help you respond appropriately when you see or experience injustice.

ACT: If you’ve been facing a struggle and have tried to overcome in your own wisdom and strength, entrust the situation to God and wait patiently for His help and victory. Act only as you feel He is directing you. Also, make a deliberate effort to show kindness, generosity and love to people who don’t know Jesus.

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