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OT Fire Starters – Day 200: Psalms 19-20

READ: Psalms 19-20

THINK: How could anyone ever live up to the standards of God’s Word? The truth is that we can’t-not on our own. God’s laws actually expose our inability to please a perfect Creator by our own imperfect efforts. Yet, the very thing that reveals our failures and inadequacies also points us to our need for God and His forgiveness. Once we accept that and enter a personal relationship with Him, we gain the power of God’s Spirit to help us live by God’s Word. This shouldn’t feel like a harsh responsibility, because it’s really a privilege to those who love and trust God. Following His instructions is a life-giving, refreshing experience because it allows you to find and fulfill God’s ultimate purpose for your life, and it can keep you from settling for a life of emptiness, guilt and regret.

RESPOND: In what ways does God’s creation reflect His glory, power, knowledge and character? (See 19:1 note.) How can your life benefit because of the perfection of God’s law? (See 19:7 note.) In what way can God’s law revive your soul? (See 19:7 note.) How does 19:7-11 describe the benefits, value and character of God’s law as revealed in His written Word-the Bible? What should you do about the fact that you will sometimes break God’s law and fall short of His standards without even knowing it? (See 19:12 note.) Why is it important that both your words and thoughts be pleasing to God, and how can you aim for this in your life? (See 19:14 first note.) What does it mean that God is your Redeemer? (See 19:14 second note.) How and when can the Psalm 20 prayer for victory and success apply to your life? (See 20:1-21:13 note.) Why is trusting in God far superior to trusting in anyone or anything else (cf. 20:7-8)?

PRAY: Give God thanks for the character traits that are evident in His creation, such as His power, creativity and perfection. Ask God to forgive you of any unknown sins. Pray that your thoughts and actions are pleasing to Him.

ACT: Be careful that your thoughts, words and conversations please and honor God. Also, praise God throughout the day for specific acts and character traits that become evident to you through God’s creation.

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