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OT Fire Starters – Day 199: Psalms 17-18

READ: Psalms 17-18

THINK: You’ve probably heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words. So how would you describe God and what He does for you? The Bible is full of word pictures and illustrations that symbolize God’s care for His people. This passage contains several such symbols that portray God as a rock, a fortress, a deliverer, a shield, a horn and a stronghold. God’s Word leaves no doubt about the strength, security and salvation that are available through a relationship with God. Those who entrust their lives to Jesus and remain faithful to Him will experience all these things.

RESPOND: What behaviors and character traits-on God’s part and yours-provide assurance that God hears your prayers? (See 17:1 note.) How does 17:8 illustrate God’s love and care for His people? (See 17:8 note.) What word pictures or symbols does David use in 18:1-3 to describe God, and what’s the significance of these symbols? (See 18:2 note.) How does David describe God in regard to the enemies (18:7-15)? How does David describe God’s response to him personally, and why (18:16-24)? In what ways does a person’s own behavior and character affect the way God responds to him or her (18:25-27)? What kinds of things can you do with God’s help that you cannot do on your own (cf. 18:29,32-34)? How does 18:30 describe God and His Word? In what ways does God strengthen and sustain you (cf. 18:34-36)? How can you follow David’s example in giving credit to God for any victories and successes you experience (cf. 18:46-50)?

PRAY: Give God thanks for hearing your prayers. Thank Him for helping you accomplish things beyond your own ability. Give God the credit and glory for any victory or success you’ve recently experienced.

ACT: Make a deliberate effort to respond to people and treat them in ways you want God to respond to you. Also, trust God to help you do something today that you could not do on your own, but only with His help and power.

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