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OT Fire Starters – Day 167: 2 Chronicles 29-30

READ: 2 Chronicles 29-30

THINK: Is it easy for you to make sacrifices? If so, are you really making sacrifices? True sacrifices are tough, sometimes painful, and often problematic. Yet, worthwhile sacrifices bring extraordinary fulfillment and reward. That’s certainly true of a life surrendered to God. The Bible talks about being “living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God-this is your spiritual act of worship” (Romans 12:1). Sacrifice and worship go together. If you’ve ever experienced an intense, passionate worship time, you know how refreshing it can be. Living in a way that brings honor to God isn’t easy, yet there’s nothing more invigorating. When you bring honor to God, He will bring reward to you.

RESPOND: What did Hezekiah tell the Levites to do regarding themselves and the temple (29:5), and why was this important? (See 29:5 note.) What’s necessary for individuals and churches to experience spiritual revival? (See 29:5 note, subpoints 1-4.) What does it mean to remove defilement from your life? What was the purpose of the blood sacrifices and burnt offerings (29:24)? What takes the place of these things for us? What did the Levites do along with the offerings, and why is this significant (29:27-31)? How are personal sacrifice and worship related for Christians? What did Hezekiah expect that God would do if the people recommitted themselves to following and obeying God (30:6)? When is it necessary to “return to the LORD”? (See 30:6 note.) What does it mean to “submit to the LORD,” and how does this relate to true repentance? (See 30:8 note.) How did many people throughout Israel respond to the challenge to return to God (30:10)? How did the people of Judah respond, and why (30:11-12)? On whom did Hezekiah pray that God would show mercy (30:18-20), and how is this an example to us?

PRAY: Repent of any corruption in your life or any way in which you’re not fully submitted to God. Ask Him to keep you pure and reserved for His purposes. Pray that your daily life will be an act of worship that brings honor to Him.

ACT: Rid your life of anything that could cause or contribute to spiritual corruption of your mind or body. Continue to fill your mind with God’s Word each day and put into practice what you learn. Prepare for God to use you to spark a spiritual awakening at your school, work or church. Go through the day with the sense that every attitude, word and action can be worship to God-reflecting Christ’s character and bringing positive attention to Him.

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