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OT Fire Starters – Day 157: 1 Chronicles 23-25

READ: 1 Chronicles 23-25

THINK: Change can be hard, but change can be good-if it’s the right kind of change, if it’s done for the right reasons and it’s done the right way. When change becomes necessary, as a follower of Jesus, do what you can to ensure a smooth transition. If you’re helping to lead the change, clearly and graciously communicate the reasons for the change and the opportunities and responsibilities people will have in the process. If you’re serving under leadership, be willing to listen and find out what needs to be done for an effective and purposeful change. Help others to get involved and make adjustments. Keep a good attitude and be willing to learn from God and your leaders. You’ll gain insight, avoid unnecessary problems, and maybe get the chance to enact some of your own changes next time.

RESPOND: In what way does David set a good example in how to prepare for leadership transitions (23:1-6)? (See 23:2 note.) How would the Levite’s responsibilities change after the temple was built (23:26,28ff)? What were these ministers to do every morning and evening, and why was this important (23:30)? Why was it important for the priests’ ministry to be organized? (See 24:1 note.) Do you think such organization is important for church ministry today? Why of why not? What were the priests’ duties in ancient Israel? (See 24:1 note.) Why and how did priestly duties change after Jesus came? (See note.) Why and in what ways was music important in temple ministry? What is “the ministry of prophesying” (25:1), and how did it relate to music in ministry? (See 25:1 note.) Why and how can music honor God? (See 25:7 note.) Why were teacher/student connections important among the musicians (25:8)? What can younger generations of ministers, musicians, artists, etc. learn from those who served before them?

PRAY: Pray for situations in which a leadership transition is taking place-including your church, school community or nation. Pray for various ministries and their leadership in your church. Thank Jesus for being your ultimate high priest, making the perfect sacrifice to pay for your sin, and restoring your relationship with God.

ACT: Do something practical to assist someone in making a leadership transition at church, school or work. Call or send a message to someone who is teaching, training or mentoring you in some way, thanking him or her for their investment in your life. Break away for some praise time with your favorite worship music.

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