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OT Fire Starters – Day 155: 1 Chronicles 17-19

READ: 1 Chronicles 17-19

THINK: What are your main concerns? Your future? Your health? Your reputation? What you’re going to wear tomorrow? People are concerned about many things-a good share of them have to do with self. The reason David stood out as a leader and man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14)-the reason “the LORD gave David victory everywhere he went” (18:13)-was because David’s primary concern was honoring God, regardless of what it meant for David personally. Even when it came to the promises God made regarding David’s legacy, David insisted that God be exalted so that everyone knew it was the Lord who came through (17:23-24). Now, what was your concern?

RESPOND: Why did David want to build a house for God? What promises did God make to David personally in the form of a covenant-a relational life-agreement (17:7-14)? (See article on God’s Covenant with David, p. 390 in the FBSE.) How did David respond to God’s promises, and what did this reveal about David’s character and relationship with God? What was David’s primary concern regarding God’s promises (17:23-24)? What did David do with all the treasures he got from conquering the surrounding nations (18:11)? Why do you think that “The LORD gave David victory everywhere he went” (18:6), and how can you experience this in your life? (See 18:6 note.) According to 18:14, what kind of action characterized David’s reign? What influenced the Ammonite King Hanun to treat David’s men disgracefully (19:2-3)? Why and in what way can listening to bad advice lead to trouble?

PRAY: Express gratitude to God for the promises in His Word. Ask Jesus to bring honor and recognition to himself by the work He does in your life. Pray for wisdom and discernment regarding any advice you get.

ACT: Treat everyone you encounter rightly and fairly-just as you would like to be treated. Do your work, assignments and whatever others tasks you do to the best of your ability. Don’t cut corners. Go out of your way to do the right thing. If you’re following any bad “advice”-or bad examples-make a change and do what you know is right.

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