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OT Fire Starters – Day 147: 2 Kings 23-25

READ: 2 Kings 23-25

THINK: How young is too young? When you were a child, you no doubt wanted to do grown-up things you weren’t able or allowed to do. Eagerly, you anticipated the time when you could access those freedoms and possibilities. That day is here and now. Regardless of age, God can use you to accomplish great things. In the worldly realm, there may still be limits, and you may not be free to make all your own decisions yet. But if you’re maturing spiritually, the possibilities are limitless. Now is the time to prepare for God’s purposes. Get to know His Word, develop a passion for His presence, and determine to make a difference in the world, starting where you are right now.

RESPOND: What ultimately sparked spiritual renewal in Judah? (See 23:3 note.) What role did Josiah play? What role must God’s Word have in true revival? What does Josiah’s story reveal about whom God can use to spark revival? (See 23:3 note.) What did Josiah do with the ungodly items found in the temple, and how is this an example of what must happen for repentance and revival to be genuine? (See 23:4 note.) What were “the high places,” and how were they used? (See 23:5 note.) Why did Josiah get rid of all hints of ungodly worship? What example does this set for us? After ridding the land of all traces of ungodly worship, what did Josiah celebrate (23:21-23)? How did Josiah’s reign compare to the kings before him, and what was significant about when he started his mission? (See 23:25 note.) What does it mean that Josiah turned to the Lord with all his heart, soul and strength (23:25)? Why was God still determined to “remove Judah from his presence” (23:27)? (See 23:26 and 24:3 notes.) Who began to invade Judah during this time? (See 24:1 note.) What did the Babylonian armies eventually do to Jerusalem (25:8- 21)? (See 25:21 note.) In what way was God’s faithfulness to His people still evident through all of this?

PRAY: Give thanks for God’s faith-inspiring, life-transforming Word. Confess and turn from any known sin in your life. Commit to serving God with all your heart, soul and strength. Ask Him to use you to inspire spiritual renewal in others.

ACT: Follow up with yesterday’s commitment to rid your life of anything that’s holding you back spiritually. Then, look for a way to instigate a spiritual renewal on your campus, in your workplace, at home or at church. This could involve developing strategic relationships, investigating how you could start a new ministry, volunteering to pray for people in need or simply telling someone about Jesus. Pray for boldness and discipline as you start down this road.

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