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OT Fire Starters – Day 143: 2 Kings 13-15

READ: 2 Kings 13-15

THINK: What would things be like if you weren’t around? Would the lives of those you know change significantly? Would something be lacking? Is your personal influence on others something that makes a positive difference in people’s lives-something they wouldn’t want to be without? As Elisha was about to pass from this life, even the evil King Jehoash knew that without Elisha’s godly influence, Israel’s strength and protection would likely be gone. With God’s help, you too can make a difference in the world. Though you may never realize the full impact of your life on others, rely on God to help you live in such a way as to be missed when you’re gone.

RESPOND: Because of their defiance toward God and His anger toward them, what happened to the Israelites during Jehoahaz’s reign (13:3)? Following severe oppression by Aram, what did Jehoahaz do, and how did God respond (13:4-5)? Did the people then change their ways (13:6)? Why or why not? What did King Jehoash recognize about Elisha and his life as the prophet was dying? (See 13:14 note.) What would happen to Israel after Elisha’s death? Why would Jehoash fail to completely destroy the Arameans? (See 13:17-18 note.) What did the resurrection of the dead man who came in contact with Elisha’s bones reveal about God’s power in Elisha’s life? (See 13:21 note.) Though Amaziah’s reign started well, why did it not end well? (See 14:1 note.) How did the prosperity that occurred during Jeroboam II’s reign affect the people’s attitude spiritually? (See 14:25 note.) How did this contribute to Israel’s downfall? Why was God merciful to Israel during this time, and how did people respond? (See 14:26 note.) What would happen to Israel because of the wickedness and cruelty of its kings? (See 15:16 notes.) What empire began invading Israel and deporting people during this time? (See 15:29 note.) Why was this happening to Israel?

PRAY: Ask God to help you develop the faith and passion to accomplish all He wants to do through you. Ask Him to help you not only start things well, but to finish them right. Pray that any prosperity you experience will not cause you to become spiritually complacent or to take God for granted.

ACT: Is there something you’ve started well but not yet finished-something you know God wants you to complete? Perhaps you lost your passion or gave up when things got difficult. Maybe you got distracted by something you thought was more important. Pray for the discipline to finish the task for His honor. Take action beginning today.

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