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OT Fire Starters – Day 140: 2 Kings 6-7

READ: 2 Kings 6-7

THINK: Look around. What do you see? What is the environment like at school? At work? At home? In your community? What’s the spiritual climate in those places? It’s likely that you see ample evidence of Satan’s destructive work and deceptive influence. In fact, it may be almost overwhelming to think about gaining ground for God in some of those places. But look again. Can you see the potential? Can you see your surroundings through God’s eyes of compassion and purpose? Have you asked Him to open the eyes of your spirit and to give you a vision of what His power can accomplish in these places if you surrender completely to Him?

RESPOND: What was Elisha’s relationship with “the company of the prophets” (6:1), and what does this indicate about leadership in God’s kingdom? Why was the lost axhead a serious issue and what does the miracle of finding it reveal about God’s concern for us? (See 6:5 note.) How can godly advice from a trusted source spare us from trouble and harm (6:6-10)? What did Elisha mean when he told his servant, “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them” (6:16)? (See 6:16-17 note.) What does this indicate about what’s going on all around us in the spiritual realm? (See 6:16-17 note, subpoints 1 & 3.) How does this encourage you and affect your faith? What does this instance reveal about the nature of spiritual warfare in God’s kingdom? (See 6:16-17 note, subpoints 4 & 5.) How did Elisha show mercy to the Aramean soldiers, and why (6:21-23)? How did people in Israel get to such a low point as to eat their own children? (See 6:28 note.) How did the four lepers show character in how they handled the plunder and supplies they found at the abandoned camp (7:9-11)? In chapter 7, how did God fulfill the promise He gave through Elisha that He would provide reasonably priced food by the next day (7:16,17-20)? (See 7:16 note.)

PRAY: Pray for your church leaders and anyone who has invested in your life spiritually. Give God thanks for His care and concern in every aspect of your life-big and small. Ask God to open your spiritual eyes so you can recognize the power and protection that surrounds you constantly as a follower of Jesus.

ACT: Is there a situation in your life that is intimidating you spiritually-or has done so in the past? Perhaps there is something you’ve felt God wanting you to do but you’ve lacked the faith and initiative to act obediently. Ask God to help you see the power and protection with which He provides you. Then step out boldly and take action.

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