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OT Fire Starters – Day 131: 1 Kings 9

READ: 1 Kings 9

THINK: What do the people around you-the ones who don’t know God-think of God? How would they describe Him, and where do they get their impressions of what He’s like? Perhaps some don’t believe in God because they don’t feel they’ve seen any evidence that He exists. But where will they ever see such evidence-if not in you? Does your life reflect an accurate image of Christ, giving people a good impression of His life, love and character? When people interact with you, do they come away with a sense that something is positively different? It’s a sobering reality that the first, and perhaps only, impression some people will have of God is what they see in you. Regardless of where you are and what’s going on, make sure your life is transparent so Jesus can shine through.

RESPOND: What promises and conditions did God express to Solomon in response to his prayer? (See 9:3 note.) What do you think it means to “walk before me [God] in integrity of heart and uprightness” (9:4)? How can you do this? What warning did God give Solomon (9:6-9)? What would happen to the people, the land and the temple if the Israelites failed to follow God? (See 9:7 note.) What example does it set for people who don’t know God when those who do know Him turn and go their own way (cf. 9:9)? How does this challenge you personally?

PRAY: Give God thanks for His promises and for helping you remain faithful to Him so you can enjoy those promises. Also, thank the Lord for warnings that spare you from spiritual destruction. Ask Him to help you live in a way that accurately reflects Jesus’ character and influences others to consider their relationship with Him.

ACT: As you go through the day, seriously consider how your attitudes, conversations, behaviors and actions come across to others-particularly those who don’t know Jesus. Are you giving an accurate impression of His love, grace, holiness, kindness, patience, joy and other character traits? Are others inspired to consider Christ for themselves because of what they see in you? With God’s help, make every effort to set such an example-today and every day.

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