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OT Fire Starters – Day 129: 1 Kings 4-6

READ: 1 Kings 4-6

THINK: Reading through the Old Testament, have you wondered why certain things are recorded so meticulously? Why does God go to great lengths to describe such things as skin care laws, family histories and the construction of the temple? While the relevance of such issues to your daily life may not be readily apparent, what is obvious is God’s concern for details. He wants you to know what He’s like and how He operates. He wants you to realize that He sees everything and He’s concerned with every detail of your life. In fact, that’s why He’s given His Word. It’s packed with principles, precepts, personal examples, proverbs and prophecies all pointing to His purposes and providing insight for living. By spending time in God’s Word you not only gain knowledge, you gain practical wisdom that, if applied, will help you discover and experience the life God intends, while encouraging others in the process.

RESPOND: In what ways did God bless Solomon? (See 4:24 note.) How did Solomon’s wisdom compare with other men’s wisdom (4:29-31)? How did Solomon convey and preserve many of his wise sayings (4:32)? What are the benefits of recording wise sayings, advice and insights? How did people respond to Solomon’s God-given wisdom (4:34)? How does this compare with how people today tend to respond to godly wisdom? Did Solomon’s wisdom ensure his faithfulness to God? Why or why not? (See 4:29-34 note.) How could someone as wise and blessed by God as Solomon eventually turn from God? (See 4:29-34 note, subpoints 1 & 2.) Why did Solomon build the temple, and what purpose would it serve? (See 5:5 note.) What did the temple represent? (See 6:2 note.) What conditions did God place on Solomon for receiving the promise given to David? (See 6:12 note.) How would you describe the appearance and splendor of the temple? (See illustrations of Solomon’s Temple and Temple Furnishings, p. 427 in the FBSE.) Why was the work on the temple done so meticulously and recorded in such detail?

PRAY: Give God thanks for specific ways He has blessed you. Thank Him for the wisdom of His Word and for the benefits of a church where you can gather with others to worship God.

ACT: Take your Bible with you throughout the day. During free times, take it out and read from the Proverbs. You won’t need to read a lot to get several nuggets of wisdom. Look for ways to immediately apply the wisdom you gain.

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