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OT Fire Starters – Day 125: 2 Samuel 22

READ: 2 Samuel 22

THINK: Few people in the Bible capture our hearts and minds like David. God called him “a man after my own heart” (Acts 13:22). But that acclaim from the Almighty didn’t come without struggle or perseverance. David wasn’t without failures. He had extremely high times and unbearably low times. He experienced great victories and bitter defeats. He had loyal friends and fierce enemies. He fell morally, but humbly repented and accepted the consequences with grace. Without a doubt, David had his share of difficulties-some were forced upon him, while others he brought upon himself. Yet, through it all, David experienced God’s blessing, fulfilled God’s purposes, and inspired success in others because he depended completely on God and he pursued things that mattered most to God. If we do the same, God can use us to fulfill His highest purposes and influence others to pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

RESPOND: What stands out to you about the way David described God in this song? What had God done for David, and how can He do the same for you? In what ways had God been a fortress, shield and refuge (vv. 2-3) for David? When had David been near death (vv. 5-6)? What did David typically do when in distress (v. 7)? How had God rescued David (v. 18)? What does it mean that David had “kept the ways of the LORD” (v. 22) and “not turned away from his decrees” (v. 23)? (See 22:22 note.) What was David’s view of God’s Word (v. 31)? In what ways does God set His followers free from their enemies (v. )?

PRAY: Praise God for being a shield from harm and destruction and for being your refuge in times of hurt or trouble. If anything currently stresses you, give it to God and accept His peace. Then give thanks for God’s perfect Word.

ACT: On a blank sheet of paper, start to write a prayer or poem of praise and thanksgiving to God. It doesn’t have to rhyme or fit a certain structure, just write what you sincerely feel. Keep the paper with you and add to it as you have time throughout the day. Before bed tonight, read your work back to God as a personal praise to Him.

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