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OT Fire Starters – Day 113: 1 Samuel 20-22

READ: 1 Samuel 20-22

THINK: How do you feel when others succeed? You might feel great if they’re on your team and you all win together. But what if their success seems to come at your expense? What if they got the opportunity, position, recognition or reward that you wanted? It’s not easy to have fond feelings for someone who may take your place or to celebrate someone who may get what you deserve. Yet, this is a valuable test of grace and humility-things that are vital for Christ’s followers-and things that bring honor, recognition and reward in God’s kingdom.

RESPOND: Do you think Jonathan knew that David was destined to be king (20:13-15)? Why or why not? Why would Jonathan be so supportive of David and pray for his success, even if it meant the demise of Saul’s family and David becoming king instead of Jonathan (20:31)? What can you learn from Jonathan’s attitude and actions toward David? In the days following his escape from Saul, how and why did David demonstrate a lack of trust in God, and what tragedy resulted (22:17-19)? (See 21:1 and 22:18 notes.) What kinds of men followed David and why (22:2)? How can a lack of trust on your part negatively affect people around you? How can demonstrating faith in God have a positive impact on those around you?

PRAY: Pray for the humility to support and defend people who may get blessings or opportunities you wanted or deserved. Pray that your faith will not falter during times of difficulty or distress.

ACT: Do something to support or encourage a friend who is dealing with a tough situation or opposition at school, work, home or any aspect of life. Also, go out of your way to show exceptional kindness and consideration to people who tend to be rejected, neglected, ridiculed or isolated by others.

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