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OT Fire Starters – Day 1: Genesis 1-2

READ: Genesis 1-2

THINK: Have you ever gazed at a star-lit sky, observed a wild animal in its natural habitat, or marveled at the complexity of your own body? How much sense does it make to claim that the world-and everything in it-came into being by chance? That’s like looking at a priceless work of art and saying, “It just happened,” or using a computer and believing that over time it assembled itself. As a stunning masterpiece reflects the creativity of a skilled artisan, so all of creation reflects the majesty of its Creator. This is especially true of you-the crowning achievement of God’s handiwork. It can certainly be difficult to fathom that the God who created a vast and amazing universe truly cares for us. Yet, His love is unfailing and He alone knows what’s best for each of us. Like everything that exists, we can fulfill our highest purpose only as we live in right relationship with God and remain dependent on Him.

RESPOND: What is significant about the Bible’s opening words, “In the beginning God created…”? (See 1:1 note.) What does the Biblical account of creation reveal about the power of God’s words? What does the fact that God is the Source of all creation mean to you personally? How does nature provide insight into God’s greatness? How did God describe each aspect of His creation as it was completed, and how should that affect your attitude toward nature and living things? (See 1:10 and 1:22 notes.) In what ways did God make humans different from the rest of creation, and what does it mean that people were created in God’s image? (See 1:26 second note and 2:7 note.) What responsibilities and privileges did God give the first humans in regard to the rest of creation, and how does this apply to us today? (See 1:28 and 2:15 notes.) Why did God give specific instructions regarding the two trees in the middle of the garden? (See 2:9 and 2:16 notes.) What is significant about how and why God created the first woman? (See 2:18 note.) What does this indicate about God’s plan regarding families? (See 2:24 note.)

PRAY: Praise God for His awesome power as the Creator of all things. Express gratitude for the wonder of creation, including the people around you. Thank Him for the special relationship He created you to have with Him.

ACT: Take a walk, look out the window, or lay on the lawn and gaze at the sky. Spend time with God in a place where you can appreciate the power and love that His creation reveals. Point this out to someone else today.

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