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NT Fire Starters – Day 97: Luke 11:14-36

READ: Luke 11:14-36

THINK: No doubt you’ve used a camera before, but can you explain how it works? In the simplest terms, you essentially get what you see. Whatever the lens takes in is the image in the viewfinder and becomes the image on the photo paper or computer screen. In a similar way, your eyes are like a lens to your soul. Physically, they register images in your brain; but spiritually, your eyes take in light or darkness that effects your entire being.

RESPOND: Why did some ask for a sign from Jesus, even after they had seen His power over the demon? Do you think anyone with that attitude–then or now–would believe another sign? Why or why not? In what way does the success of God’s kingdom and work–operating through Jesus followers–mean the destruction of Satan’s kingdom? (See 11:20 note.) What does Jesus mean when He says, “He who is not with me is against me…”? (See 11:23 note.) Can a person remain “neutral” in the conflict between good and evil? Why or why not? What are the dangers of living in a way that may seem spiritual but lacks true devotion to God and is void of His presence? (See 11:26 note.) Though demonic powers cannot possess true followers of Christ, in what ways will they continually attempt to influence them? Why is it crucial for those who have accepted Christ to turn from sin and obey God’s Word (cf. v. 28)? What does Jesus mean when He says, “Your eye is the lamp of your body”? (See 11:34 note.) How does what you view through your eyes affect your entire being? How can you ensure that your eyes stay “good” spiritually (v. 34)?

PRAY: Pray for boldness to engage in the battle against evil, confident that you will be victorious in the Holy Spirit’s power. Pray for God’s help in guarding what you see so that your eyes receive things that light your life spiritually.

ACT: Examine your life–your interests, hobbies, entertainment, etc.–and ask God to reveal ways in which you’re taking in ungodly images that will dim or darken or your spirit. Make the necessary lifestyle changes to ensure that your eyes are full of spiritual light. If in any way you’ve tried to “ride the fence” between following God and doing your own thing, ask God to forgive you. Surrender to Christ and get completely on God’s side.

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