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NT Fire Starters – Day 95: Luke 10:25:42

READ: Luke 10:25-42

THINK: Have you noticed how an accident draws a crowd? Along a roadway, traffic will come to a near standstill as people slow down to gaze at the wreckage. In a strangely perverse way, people are intrigued by tragedy. Then again, people may be exposed to so much grief and carnage–both real and dramatized–that in an equally strange way they become desensitized to the desperate needs all around them. Consider how you respond when you see people in need. Do you feel sorry for them? Do you wonder how they got into the situations? Do you think of how God could help them? Are you ever willing to go out of your way to provide at least some of the help that’s needed?

RESPOND: In what way was the teacher trying “to test Jesus” (v. 25), and what do you think was his real motive? How can following the commands in verse 27 bring life (v. 28)? In what way do you think the man was trying to “justify himself” (v. 29)? What can you learn from the parable of “The Good Samaritan”? (See 10:30 note.) What kinds of actions demonstrate that your love and obedience to Christ are genuine? How can you take a proactive approach to serving God and actually be a neighbor to people in need? Why is it significant that the Samaritan was the one who did the right thing? In what way did Mary chose the better and more necessary thing in relation to serving Jesus? (See 10:42 note.) What does this teach you about serving God and arranging your priorities?

PRAY: Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into opportunities to help and serve others. Pray for wisdom to keep your priorities straight, and to not get so caught up in doing things for Jesus that you don’t take time to be with Him.

ACT: Look for ways to help and serve others today. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, pursue them. Keep in mind that this won’t be convenient. It may even cost you. Be especially considerate of anyone who has given you a hard time in the past. If anyone asks why you’re helping, don’t hesitate to say that you’re trying to pass on the kindness that God has shown you. Read the article on Campus Missions Commitment to Serve, p. 1276.

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