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NT Fire Starters – Day 82: Luke 5:1-16

READ: Luke 5:1-16

THINK: Are you a “think-before-you-act” type of person, or are you overly spontaneous? It’s probably best to be a little of both, without being extreme either way. If you look through the Bible, you’ll find a lot of challenges and instructions to consider things carefully. Yet, when it comes to exercising faith in response to God’s commands, callings and revelations of power, He expects people to respond without hesitation. It’s that kind of faith that get’s God’s attention and demonstrates a person’s desire to follow Jesus regardless of the cost.

RESPOND: What does Simon’s response in verse 5 tell us about him, and what can you learn from his example? What did Jesus mean when He said, “from now on you will catch men”? What seemed to be some of the characteristics Jesus saw in those whom He chose as His closest disciples? (See 5:10 note.) What can you tell about Jesus from His response to the man with leprosy? Why do you think that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray? What do you think happened during His prayer times? (See 5:16 note.) How did Jesus’ prayer life affect His ministry? How does Jesus discipline of prayer serve as an example for you?

PRAY: Pray for the willingness to put aside anything in your life that may hinder you from pursuing God’s purposes and to always respond to Him in faith, without hesitation.

ACT: Perhaps you’ve had a distinct sense that God wants you to do something–to make a decision, to get involved in something, to give up something, to talk to someone, to settle a difference–but you’ve hesitated to act. Don’t wait any longer. Follow the example of Jesus’ first and closest followers, who were far from perfect, but typically responded to Jesus and followed Him without hesitation. Also, find a secluded place where you can spend some extra quiet time hearing from God without distraction or interruption. (Read or re-read the articles on Effective Praying, p. 446, and Campus Missions Commitment to Pray, p. 1744.)

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