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NT Fire Starters – Day 80: Luke 4:1-13

READ: Luke 4:1-13

THINK: What tempts you? And what are you doing–if anything–to deal with and overcome temptation? Keep in mind that God does not intend for you to win the battle on your own. He has given you the wisdom of His Word and the strength of His Spirit to help you overcome ungodly passions that war against your soul. Today’s passage reveals key spiritual strategies–directly from Jesus’ experience–to help you be victorious through the most trying times.

RESPOND: What were the keys of Jesus’ power over temptation (cf. vv. 1, 4, 8, 12)? What human needs and desires did these temptations appeal to? (See 4:4, 4:5, 4:9 notes.) In what ways was Satan tempting Jesus to use His power for the wrong reasons? In defeating these temptations, what does Jesus demonstrate about what’s really important? (See 4:4 note.) How does Jesus’ kingdom differ from worldly kingdoms? (See 4:5 note.) What was the devil trying to get Jesus to avoid or give up by assuming world domination? Did Satan really have the ability or authority to grant what He promised Jesus? Why or why not? In what way did Satan use Scripture in an effort to tempt Jesus? What does this passage reveal about how Satan’s forces will tempt you, and the way you can defeat him?

PRAY: Ask God for wisdom and power to overcome selfish appeals to your physical desires, your comforts and your pride. Pray for insight to see through Satan’s twisted tactics and his misuse of God’s Word. Pray that you will be full of the Holy Spirit and the knowledge of God’s Word so you can win the battle over temptation.

ACT: Think of an area of weakness in your life in which you have been especially vulnerable to temptation. Perhaps it involves a particular attitude or emotion, or maybe its the same action you cave in to time and again. Ask God to expose any way in which your behavior or practices may be contributing to the problem. Then make some changes. In addition, use the concordance or subject index of the FBSE to find specific passages that pertain to your temptations. Mark and memorize these passages so you can use them to defeat the devil’s attacks.

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