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NT Fire Starters – Day 53: Mark 5:21-43

READ: Mark 5:21-43

THINK: It’s probably safe to assume that all of those who believe in God would like to witness more miracles. But we may not even recognize most of the supernatural ways in which He guides, protects and works in our lives every day. The fact is, we may miss the most extraordinary things God wants to do through us because we give up hope or because we do not patiently wait for Him to work in His own time and way. But when people humbly approach God and dare to press on in their faith regardless of the circumstances, God will eventually honor himself through them in undeniably powerful ways.

RESPOND: What lessons can we learn about godly faith from the people described in this passage and from Jesus’ interaction with them? Why did the woman’s touch (vv. 27-32) stand out so distinctly to Jesus? (See 5:28 note.) Why does it often take seemingly hopeless situations to bring people to a point of turning to God for help? In what ways does Jesus offer hope and comfort to those who trust Him, even before they see answers to their prayers? (See 5:36 note.)

PRAY: Ask God to strengthen your faith. Offer bold and daring prayers for situations in your life or in other’s lives that may seem hopeless at present. Then give God thanks for answering these prayers in His own time and way.

ACT: If you or someone you know is facing a desperate situation, or simply needs help or healing that only God can provide, don’t hesitate to trust Him, regardless of what the circumstances seem to indicate. Don’t hesitate to enlist others to pray with you or to let others know that you are praying for them. That way, when God answers, everyone involved will know that He is the One who deserves all honor for the miracle.

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