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NT Fire Starters – Day 38: Matthew 26:1-30

READ: Matthew 26:1-30

THINK: Jesus came to earth to meet needs. His mission was ultimately to meet our greatest need–the forgiveness of our offenses against God and the restoration of our relationship with Him. Even so, people were drawn to Jesus. Crowds often surrounded Him. Wherever He went, people followed, mainly because of what He could do for them. Seldom did people show concern for Jesus’ desires and few ever catered to His needs. When people did make the time, effort and sacrifice to do something special just for Jesus, their kindness stood out from the crowds. This passage describes one such time. It not only made an impression on Jesus, but it will be tied to Jesus message for all time.

RESPOND: What is the Passover and what does it represent? (See 26:2 note.) Why did the leaders plot to arrest Jesus secretly? Why did the disciples view the woman’s actions as a waste (vv. 6-8), and why did Jesus see her actions so differently? What made the woman’s actions so significant that Jesus said her story would be told wherever His message is preached (see 26:13 note)? Why do you think Judas was willing to betray Jesus? In what way did the bread at the last supper represent Jesus’ body? Why did Jesus have to shed His blood in order to provide forgiveness of sins? (See 26:28 note.)

PRAY: Express thanks to Jesus for the ultimate sacrifice of His life for your sins so you could have a personal and eternal relationship with Him. Ask God to always help you see what is most important to Him.

ACT: Think of something special you could do just for Jesus. Perhaps you could spend some extra time with Him in a place that is special to you. Maybe you could engage in conversational prayer while you work through a favorite activity. Or perhaps you could give up the time you would normally spend on a favorite activity and get alone with God to worship Him and enjoy His companionship.

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