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NT Fire Starters – Day 363: Revelation 22:1-21

READ: Revelation 22:1-21

THINK: God concludes His personal revelation to us–His written Word–with a warning, a promise and an invitation. Be true to His Word, or suffer the consequences (vv. 18-19). Take heart in following Jesus, because He’s returning soon with His reward (vv. 12, 20). If you lack a life-transforming relationship with God, there’s still time to receive His gift (v. 17). And if you’ve already accepted His invitation to eternal life, it’s your responsibility and privilege to share it with others. But don’t delay–time is running out!

RESPOND: What flows from God’s throne through the city, and what does this indicate about God’s relationship with His people? (See 22:1 note.) What’s beside the river and what does this reveal about our dependence on God? (See 22:2 note.) How will the greatest desire of both God and His people be fulfilled in this environment? (See 22:4 note.) Why is it essential to accept, retain and live by “the words of the prophecy in this book”? (See 22:7 note.) What does it mean, “Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong…let him who does right continue to do right…”? (See 22:11 note.) What causes some to “continue to do wrong” and what enables others to “continue to do right”? (See 22:11 note.) How does all of this relate to people’s response to the prophecies and promises of Revelation, as well as the whole Bible? What does it mean that Jesus is “the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End”? (See Revelation 1:8 note.) Who are “those who wash their robes” (v. 14), and what blessings will they enjoy? (See 22:14 note.) Why and in what way are dishonesty and deceit condemned as this book comes to a close? (See 22:15 note.) What invitation does Jesus extend here? (See 22:17 note.) In what way are Jesus’ followers responsible and empowered to share the invitation with others? What warning does God give at the end of Revelation, and how does it relate to one’s handling and response to God’s Word? (See 22:19 note.) What final encouragement does Revelation provide for Christ’s followers? (See 22:20 note.) In what way does this inspire you personally?

PRAY: Express your continual dependence on God. Thank Him for the inheritance that awaits you as His child. Pray that you’ll remain true to His Word. Thank Jesus for extending His invitation to eternal life, and ask for His help in sharing it with others.

ACT: Set a strategy to share Christ’s invitation to eternal life with as many people as possible. Refer to the Campus Missions Training Helps section on pp. 2275–2294. Fill in the “Five Friend Focus” on the last page and commit to the simple elements of that plan. Start by extending an invitation for a friend to join you for a meal, an outing with other friends or a ministry activity.

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