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NT Fire Starters – Day 350: Revelation 10:1-11

READ: Revelation 10:1-11

THINK: God’s Word is not all sweetness; many parts are hard to swallow. While it speaks of mercy for those who humbly submit to God and entrust their lives to Christ, it also pronounces bitter judgment on those who defy God and reject the message of Christ. Revelation contains much sorrow concerning the judgments to come. Yet, for God’s people, the message is ultimately one of sweet hope, culminating in the revelation of their eternal reign with Christ (22:5).

RESPOND: Why is it highly unlikely that the “angel” described here is Jesus, as some might suppose? (See 10:1 note.) What’s significant about the angel planting one foot on the sea and the other on land? (See 10:2 note.) Is the scroll mentioned here the same one from chapters 5–8, which had seven seals and was opened to reveal judgments? Why or why not? (See note.) What do the seven thunders signify? (See 10:3 note.) What can we learn from the fact that John is forbidden to reveal the message of the thunders? How should this influence our views and perspectives on the end-time events conveyed in Revelation? (See 10:3 note.) What does it mean that “there will be no more delay” (v. 6)? (See 10:7 note.) What is “the mystery of God” that will be “accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets” (v. 7)? What will be the final outcome of these events? (See 10:7 note.) What’s the significance of John being asked to eat the little scroll? (See 10:9 note.) What’s the significance of the scroll tasting sweet but then souring his stomach? In what way does this relate to how people respond to God and the message of Christ? (See 10:7 note.)

PRAY: Give God thanks for His sweet mercy and the fulfillment that comes from following His Word. Pray that He uses you to influence others who are currently headed for the bitter judgment that comes from rejecting Christ.

ACT: Make a deliberate effort to do and to speak things that may not be easy or convenient but will honor Jesus and draw positive attention to spiritual issues. Be sure to respond in a gracious way to anyone with whom you interact.

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