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NT Fire Starters – Day 345: Revelation 5:1-14

READ: Revelation 5:1-14

THINK: How often do you stop to consider where you would be without Jesus? Where would any of us be? What purpose would we find in life? What hope would we have? In every conceivable way, we would be lost apart from Christ. No one else could do what Jesus has done and what He continues to do to bring fulfilment to God’s plan for all things. He is truly the only One “worthy”–completely capable, infinitely valuable and entirely right in every way. He’s the only One capable of paying the full price for our sin and restoring our opportunity for a relationship with God. He’s the only One able to fulfill all God’s purposes–and to provide us with ultimate purpose. He’s the only One worthy to judge all people and all things and to rule forever. And His worthiness is so incomprehensible that though we could never be worthy in ourselves, through faith in Him, Jesus has made us worthy to be God’s people for eternity.

RESPOND: What is the general content of the scroll in God’s hand, and why is it so important to God’s overall plan? (See 5:1 note.) What do the scroll’s seven seals represent? Why did John weep profusely over the scroll? (See 5:4 note.) Who is “the Lion of the tribe of Judah” and “Root of David,” and what’s the significance of those titles? (See 5:5 note.) Why is He worthy to open the scroll’s seals (cf. vv. 9-10)? (See 5:12 note.) Why is Jesus depicted as a Lamb that had once been killed? (See 5:6 note.) What’s the significance of “the prayers of the saints” (v. 8), and why are they described as “golden bowls full of incense”? (See 5:8 note.) What’s the main title and image used for Jesus throughout Revelation, and why? (See 5:12 note.) To whom are the worshipful acknowledgments of “worthy” now directed, and what is the source of His worthiness? (See 5:12 note.) Who offers this worship (v. 13)?

PRAY: Worship Jesus for His worthiness in sacrificing His life for the sins of the world, and for fulfilling all of God’s purposes–past, present and future. Worship Him for His right judgments regarding all people.

ACT: Continue to practice godly worship in all aspects of life. This time, focus on who Jesus is and what He’s done. Approach Him with reverence, but also interact with Him as your closest friend. Express gratitude and dependence on Him as you fulfill your responsibilities and opportunities. Find ways to honor Christ in all activities and conversations.

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