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NT Fire Starters – Day 342: Revelation 2:18-3:6

READ: Revelation 2:18–3:6

THINK: Consider the spiritual condition of the churches addressed in this passage. Then ask yourself: Has spiritual “success” or recognition caused me to rationalize questionable behavior or overlook sin in my life? Am I coasting spiritually and relying on my image, reputation or past experiences,? Or am I authentically alive and growing spiritually?

RESPOND: How can we tell that the church in Thyatira was growing spiritually (v. 19)? What serious problem did they still have? (See 2:20 note.) What types of teaching and behaviors were they tolerating? Who was “that woman Jezebel” (v. 20), and how was she misleading people? What does Jesus’ warning to this church reveal about His attitude toward “believers” who influence others to compromise godly standards and principles? (See 2:20 note, sub points 2 & 3.) Why are we particularly susceptible to spiritual failure and compromise after experiencing spiritual growth and success? Who are Jezebel’s “children” (v. 23) and how will Christ judge them? (See 2:23 note.) What was Jesus’ message to the people who had remained faithful and not accepted “Satan’s so-called deep secrets”? (See 2:24 note.) In regard to faithful overcomers, what does it mean that Jesus “will give them the morning star”? (See 2:28 note.) What was the reputation of the church in Sardis (3:1)? What was this church’s true spiritual condition, and why were the people able to fool others? (See 3:1 note.) How do we know that there was still hope for this church, and what did they need to do (vv. 3-4)? What does it mean that there were a few people “who have not soiled their clothes”? (See 3:4 note.) What is Jesus’ promise to those who remain faithful to Him? (See 3:5 note.) What is “the book of life” (v. 5)? How does a person’s name get into this book and how can a person’s name be “blotted out” from the book?

PRAY: Pray that your spiritual growth would never allow you to become proud or complacent regarding spiritual problems in your life. Pray that you’ll never be a bad example or ungodly influence on anyone, but that you would have a legitimate reputation as a spiritual overcomer. Thank Jesus that your name is in His book of life.

ACT: Is there is any aspect of your spiritual life in which you’ve become less passionate or devoted to God’s purposes? It could be your personal time in the Word and prayer. It may be church attendance or ministry involvement. Perhaps your intensity in worship or your drive to tell others about Christ has diminished. With God’s help, take deliberate and practical steps to reignite your passion in whatever area may be lacking.

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