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NT Fire Starters – Day 311: Hebrews 9:1-10

READ: Hebrews 9:1-10

THINK: Have you ever seen a picture or a media image of someone before you actually met him or her? Did they look any different than you expected in person? Regardless of the differences, an image or preview can never replace the real thing. Throughout history, God gave people a preview into His plan, preparing them for the perfect time when He would fulfill all of it through His Son, Jesus. Sadly, some still rely on the old images for their concept and connection to God. Others reject the real thing because He isn’t what they expected. But those who open themselves to Christ discover what real life is meant to be.

RESPOND: What is the author’s purpose in describing the features, functions and regulations of worship surrounding the Old Testament tabernacle (the portable worship center used by the Israelites from the time of Moses until the building of the temple under King Solomon)? (See 9:1-7 note; see illustrations of The Tabernacle and Tabernacle Furnishings, p. 137.) What was “the ark of the covenant,” and what was it’s significance in regard to worshiping God under the old covenant? (See 9:4 note.) What was the “atonement cover” and it’s significance? (See 9:5 note.) What was the “inner room” (v. 7) of the sanctuary, what did it symbolize and what restrictions applied to it? (See 9:7 note.) Who could enter the Most Holy Place, when, and for what reason? For whom did the high priest offer the blood sacrifice, and why (v. 7)? Why did such sacrifices need to be made over and over (v. 9)? (See 9:7 note.)

PRAY: Thank Jesus that you don’t have to make ritual sacrifices or follow religious routines in order to have forgiveness and access to God. Thank Him for opening that access and for His constant presence.

ACT: Throughout the day, enjoy your access to God and your freedom of worship by using your “between-time” (e.g., getting ready for school or work, driving, breaks, etc.) to express praise to God. In your own words, honor Him for His character traits, for His powerful works, and for what He means to you personally.

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