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NT Fire Starters – Day 235: 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

READ: 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

THINK: Christians today have every reason to trust God to guide and provide for them. At the same time, they have no excuse for failing to trust God and behaving in ways that displease Him and bring destruction on themselves. The Bible is packed with examples–both of faithfulness and of rebellion–that serve to challenge, warn and inspire you to trust God, to grow in your relationship with Him and to follow His plans for your life.

RESPOND: What fact is Paul illustrating about spiritual salvation by his remarks in this passage? (See 10:1 note.) What does it mean that the ancient Israelites were “baptized into Moses”? (See 10:2 note.) How does a Christians spiritual salvation relate to the illustration of Moses and Israel? How does Moses’ leadership of Israel relate to Christ’s leadership over those who submit to Him? How do God’s miraculous provisions for Israel in the desert illustrate how God provides for His people through Christ? (See 10:4 note.) Why was God not pleased with the Israelites in the desert? (See 10:5 note.) In what way did they disregard and abuse God’s grace? How is Paul using the Israelites example as a warning to those who currently follow Christ? (See 10:6 and 10:11 notes.) What offenses did the Israelites commit against God (7-10), and how do these relate to people’s behaviors today? According to this passage, why must Jesus’ followers be careful regarding their attitudes and actions? (See 10:12 note.) What encouragement can you take from verse 13 regarding temptation? (See 10:13 note.) How does God provide help and “a way out” when you’re tempted? What have Christians failed to do when they give in to temptation?

PRAY: Thank Jesus for His leadership and provision in your life. Also thank Him for the power He provides over temptation. Pray that you’ll never take these things for granted.

ACT: Review the 10:13 note and apply the principles covered to specific struggles and temptations you currently face. Also, Read the article on Individual Apostasy, p. 1812, for challenge and insight in retaining your faith in God.

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