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NT Fire Starters – Day 225: Romans 16:1-27

READ: Romans 16:1-27

THINK: Ordinarily, it’s a good thing to develop skills in as many areas of life as possible. Typically, skills are developed through personal experience and practice. But there is at least one way that God wants His people to remain as “unskilled” and inexperienced as possible–that is in practicing evil. Christians must avoid foolishly exposing themselves to evil behavior or participating in ungodly activities. Becoming “experienced” in ungodly behavior simply gives Satan more opportunities to tempt and trouble us with sin and guilt in the future. But when we avoid evil and refuse to participate in ungodly behavior we deny Satan the opportunity to tempt us with certain things because we have chosen to remain “innocent” in those areas. (See 16:19 note and the article on Spiritual Separation for Believers, p. 1672)

RESPOND: What ministry role did Phoebe fill in the church, and how is she an example to women and to all believers? (See 16:1 note.) What do verses 3-16 indicate about relationships in ministry and about giving proper recognition to those who faithfully serve the church? What does the title “apostles” mean as used in verse 7 (see note)? Who does Paul warn the church members to look out for and why? (See 16:17-18 note.) In what ways might false teachers try to distort the message of Jesus? What does it mean to be “innocent about what is evil”? (See 16:19 note.) Why must Christians be extremely cautious about the activities in which they participate and the things to which they expose themselves? Why has God revealed himself and His message through His Word? What are the life benefits of obeying God?

PRAY: Ask God to help you remain “innocent about what is evil” by helping you recognize and avoid situations that would tempt you to participate in ungodly behavior. Pray also that you would recognize and avoid teaching that distorts the true message of Jesus and that you would always believe and obey His Word.

ACT: This week, give a simple word of thanks or note of appreciation to as many people as you can who have helped you or invested in your life through ministry. This includes teachers, pastors, youth workers, church staff, etc. Also, consider if you’re allowing yourself to participate in spiritually questionable activities or relationships that may be exposing you to temptations and behaviors that could distract you spiritually–now and in the future. This includes your media and entertainment choices. Pull yourself away from these things and give your attention to spiritually uplifting and worthwhile activities. Ask God to purify your mind and spirit from corrupting influences to which you’ve exposed yourself in the past. Thank Jesus for freeing you from guilt and giving you victory over these things as you continue to trust and obey Him.

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