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NT Fire Starters – Day 224: Romans 15:5-33

READ: Romans 15:5-33

THINK: Among the most effective ways to expand your influence in ministry is to partner with other Christians among whom you receive ministry and to help support those from whom you receive ministry. In addition to encouragement, practical service and material support, the best means of support is to pray faithfully for those who have ministered to you and alongside of you. In this way, you share in the work God does through them, allowing you to influence many more people for Christ than you would have ever been able to reach on your own.

RESPOND: Why is unity of heart so vital among Christians (vv. 5-6)? How can you demonstrate acceptance toward other Christians in the way God does toward you (v. 7)? How does trusting God give you joy and peace (v. 13)? Is it wrong to speak boldly about what God does through you? Why or why not? (See 15:17 note.) What must you keep in mind when testifying about great things God does through you? How should you evaluate and measure “success” in ministry? How does Paul’s desire expressed in verse 20 inspire you personally? (See 15:20 note.) In what ways can you personally help to convey Christ’s message in places and among people where He is not known? In what way can you be a blessing to those from whom you have benefitted spiritually?

PRAY: Pray for spiritual leaders who have had a positive influence on you, that God would continue to guard, refresh, inspire and use them effectively in His service.

ACT: Do something practical and tangible to help and encourage one of your ministry mentors or leaders. Also, demonstrate acceptance to someone in your church or youth group who has not seemed to fit in yet.

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