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NT Fire Starters – Day 211: Romans 5:12-21

READ: Romans 5:12-21

THINK: Consider all of the death and destruction that human sin and rebellion against God has caused in the world. How much more can God’s gracious gift of salvation provide life and restoration to those who trust Him? There is no effect of sin that God’s love and power cannot overcome in a person’s life. Eventually, His judgment will rid the world of sin and restore everything to perfect harmony (cf. Revelation 20:11–21:4). Are you relying on the Holy Spirit to help you convey Jesus’ message of hope and new life to those who are still enslaved by sin?

RESPOND: How did sin gain entrance into the human race, and how has it affected individual lives and the world ever since? (See 5:12 note.) Why and in what way are all people responsible for their own sin? What is the ultimate consequence of sin (i.e., opposition, defiance, rebellion against God and falling short of His standard)? (See 5:14 note.) What is God’s gift, what does it do, and how is it “not like the trespass” (v. 15)? (See 5:15 note.) How does the result of sin that came through Adam compare with the result of God’s grace as provided through Jesus? How would you define or describe God’s grace? (See the Glossary of Terms, beginning on p. 2265.) How did God’s law expose sin (v. 20)? In what way does God’s grace counter the effects of sin and rebellion against God?

PRAY: Pray that you’ll never make excuses for your own wrongdoing, but that God will help you to always recognize and confess your sin to Him, trusting His grace to keep you in right relationship with God. Give Him thanks for His great gifts of forgiveness, spiritual salvation and eternal life with Jesus.

ACT: Read or re-read the article on Faith and Grace, p. 1590, to gain greater insight into God’s character and His generous gift of new life through faith in Jesus Christ. As a recipient of God’s grace, also consider yourself an agent of His grace toward others. Throughout the day, look for ways to demonstrate undeserved love, kindness and favor to people–particularly those who do not know Jesus personally. Treat them in ways that honor Jesus and may initiate spiritual conversations. Pray for an opportunity to talk with at least one person about Jesus today.

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