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NT Fire Starters – Day 210: Romans 5:1-11

READ: Romans 5:1-11

THINK: Why do people reject Jesus because of other things in life or because of what other people think? Why do His own followers often tend to be timid about their relationship with Him? After all, Jesus did for us what no one else ever would or could. You may know people who would give their life for you–perhaps a few would do so regardless of how you treat them. But Jesus died for the entire human race that, for the most part, totally disregards and defies Him and will never even care to know Him. Yet He gave everything for the opportunity to have a relationship with such people. It shouldn’t matter what anyone else does or thinks. No one will ever love you like Jesus does.

RESPOND: What are some results of being justified (i.e., made right with God) in a believer’s life (vv. 1-3)? (See 5:1 note.) What kinds of “sufferings” is Paul referring to in verse 3, and how can suffering be a blessing and reason to rejoice for Christ’s followers? (See 5:3 note. Also see article on The Suffering of the Righteous, p. 638.) How does suffering produce character, and how does character produce hope (v. 4)? What kind of hope does verse 5 talk about and why does it not disappoint those who trust Jesus? (See 5:5 first note. Also see article on Biblical Hope, p. 730.) According to verse 5, how do Christ’s followers continuously experience God’s love, and what effect does this have in their lives? (See 5:5 second note.) According to verse 8, what is significant about how and when Jesus died for us? What does it mean that “we were God’s enemies,” and why is that significant regarding God’s actions toward us? (See 5:10 first note.) How are we saved–initially, continuously and eternally– through Jesus’ life? (See 5:10 note.) What does it mean to be reconciled to God, and how did Jesus provide for this?

PRAY: Thank Jesus for making a way for you to become right with God by giving His life for us while we still opposed Him. Ask God to help you grow in character and to strengthen your hope in Him as you go through tough times. Give thanks for the presence of the Holy Spirit that enables you to continuously experience God’s love.

ACT: Consider any tough times you’re currently experiencing, as well as things you’ve suffered in the past. How can these be faith-builders and character-builders in your life? Apply what you’ve learned in the past about trusting God to your present situations. Also, demonstrate Christlike character by showing His love in practical ways to people who have opposed you or made life difficult for you at times.

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