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NT Fire Starters – Day 202: Acts 27:27-44

READ: Acts 27:27-44

THINK: How do you respond in a crisis? How would you respond in a truly desperate, life-threatening, allhope- seems-lost emergency that’s completely out of your control? Would you be calm, collected and comforting those around you? Or would you have a major meltdown? In times like that, a person’s faith, character and priorities are put to the test. That’s when it becomes apparent what–or who–he or she is really relying on for their life. Would God’s peace, power and confidence shine through you in your darkest, stormiest moment?

RESPOND: After God had already promised Paul that He would spare the lives of all those sailing with him, how could Paul now say that “unless these men stay with the ship, you cannot be saved” (v. 31)? (See 27:31 note.)? Why do you think that the centurion and soldiers believed Paul and were willing to stake their lives on his advice (v. 31-32)? Why do you think Paul’s words were encouraging to the men (vv. 33-36)? Why did the centurion want to spare Paul’s life (v. 43)? Do you think you would have been as calm and confident as Paul was throughout this entire ordeal? Why or why not? Why was he so certain of a positive outcome?

PRAY: Ask God to give you a greater understanding of His Word and a greater sensitivity to His voice as you spend time in prayer. Then pray that you always take Him at His Word and that you follow His direction with confidence and without hesitation. Pray that God uses you to encourage people who have lost hope.

ACT: Look for people today who seem to need hope or encouragement. Allow God to use you to inspire these individuals through simple acts or words of kindness. Spend as much time as you can with these people, perhaps eating lunch with them, walking to class with them, or giving them a ride. If you know of anyone whom you won’t see today but you know they’re struggling with hope, contact them by phone, e-mail, text message, etc. Simply check on how they’re doing and let them know that you’re thinking of them and praying for them.

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