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NT Fire Starters – Day 201: Acts 27:1-26

READ: Acts 27:1-26

THINK: What do you do when you turn out to be right and someone else turns out to be wrong and you’re tempted to say, “I told you so!”? Knowing that you don’t like to hear those words any more than anyone else does, can you resist the urge to prove yourself and instead be considerate of others? You see, even when Paul said, “you should have taken my advice” (v. 21), he wasn’t trying to prove a point or make himself look better. Rather, he was looking out for those around him, trying to encourage them and offer hope in a seemingly hopeless situation. The reason he brought up his past advice was not so they would listen to him, but so they would listen to God. He wanted them to understand that Jesus knew their situation and He was the reason their lives would be spared.

RESPOND: Why do you think that Julius showed kindness and favor to Paul (v. 3)? Why do you think Paul warned the ship’s crew of impending disaster (vv. 9-10)? Where did he get his insight? What do you think was Paul’s main concern in this situation? What does this situation indicate about the advice of one godly person compared to the opinions of many ungodly people (v. 12)? Who was protecting Paul and why? (See 27:24 note.) How does this encourage you personally? How could Paul be so courageous while everyone else, including the experienced sailors, feared for their lives? (See 27:25 note.) How would you have felt throughout this entire adventure?

PRAY: Ask God to give you wisdom, insight and discernment regarding His plans and purposes so that you can effectively help and influence others for Him. Pray that God gives you such an uncommon courage through severe circumstance that it will be an inspiration and example to everyone around you.

ACT: If you’re facing a difficult or troubling situation–particularly one that involves other people, such as your family or your Bible club–trust God to help you display uncommon courage and peace through this situation. If others ask you about your calm attitude, let them know that you’re trusting God, and encourage them to do the same. You might even ask them to pray with you about the situation. Also, pay attention to all of the suggestions and advice you get today. Consider how each of these might or might not fit with God’s principles, plans and purposes. In each situation, make the choice and take the action that seems most pleasing to God.

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