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NT Fire Starters – Day 200: Acts 26:19-32

READ: Acts 26:19-32

THINK: There’s a reason most people don’t fulfill their full potential and make the impact they could on the world. It’s because they are too image-conscious. They’re afraid to look ridiculous or foolish. It’s not that you should actually be ridiculous or foolish or “out of your mind” (v. 24), but most people who have done great and worthwhile things were considered to be that way at some point by other people. But the criticism and rejection didn’t stop them from saying, doing, or being the kind of people God could use to bring positive change to the world.

RESPOND: How do people demonstrate that they’ve truly repented (i.e., turned from their own way to follow Jesus)? (See 26:20 note.) Though good works cannot save us spiritually, what part do they play in a Christian’s life? Why had people not been able to kill Paul, and why had God kept him alive (v. 22)? What does this indicate about why God protects and preserves the lives of His followers? How can you be more effective in testifying about Jesus and conveying His message? What had Moses and the prophets predicted about Christ (v. 23)? Why did Festus think Paul was insane (v. 24)? What was Paul’s desire for all who heard him (v. 29)? Why do you think Paul appealed to Caesar even though he probably could have been set free?

PRAY: Ask Jesus to help you to more effectively hear from Him and communicate His message. Ask Him to help you recognize and take advantage of the opportunities He gives you every day to impact lives for Him.

ACT: Throughout the day, look for ways that God may be opening doors or setting up opportunities for you to do or say things that would honor Him. These don’t have to be big or unusual events, but simple occurrences that provide an opportunity to serve someone, to meet a need, to offer encouragement, to invite someone to a ministry event, to talk about spiritual issues or to get into a conversation about Jesus.

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