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NT Fire Starters – Day 178: Acts 13:13-52

READ: Acts 13:13-52

THINK: Before Jesus returned to heaven, He told His followers that they would be His “witnesses” (cf. Luke 24:48; Acts 1:8), starting in their own community, then spreading His message throughout the world. Christians in contemporary churches talk about witnessing. A lot of them understand that it’s their responsibility to “witness,” yet few seem to really know what “witnessing” involves. Even fewer actually take up the challenge–the command–issued by Jesus before He left earth. This passage and the study notes shed light on that subject, but intellectual understanding will not make you an effective witness for Christ apart from the promised power of the Holy Spirit.

RESPOND: According to Paul’s message, how did God bless and provide for Israel? Why did God consider David “a man after my own heart” (v. 22)? How did the people’s rejection of Jesus fulfill prophecies about Him (v. 27ff)? What is a Christian “witness”? (See 13:31 note.) What do true witnesses do, how do they do it, and what will they experience as a result? How did God fulfill His promises to Israel through Jesus? What does Jesus offer everyone who entrusts their lives to Him (vv. 38)? What does faith in Jesus do that following the law cannot (v. 39)? Why did Paul and Barnabas turn their ministry attention to the Gentiles (i.e., people of other nationalities who aren’t Jewish or Israelite)? Who believed the message of Jesus and received eternal life? (See 13:48 note.) What does it imply that “the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit”? (See 13:52 note.)

PRAY: Give God thanks for His plan of spiritual salvation, fulfilled through His Son, Jesus. Thank Jesus that He died to pay the price for your sins, providing forgiveness and eternal life through the power of His resurrection. Pray that you continue to be full of the power and joy of the Holy Spirit so you can be an effective witness for Jesus.

ACT: Review the 13:31 note on being a witness for Jesus. Make every effort to apply these principles to your life every day, starting today. For added inspiration, see “101 Ways to Be a Witness,” pp. 2282-2284, and all of the Campus Missions Training Helps related to “TELL,” pp. 2285-2294.

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