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NT Fire Starters – Day 167: Acts 6:1-15

READ: Acts 6:1-15

THINK: Who is more important in your church, the lead pastor or the grounds keeper, the worship leader or the maintenance man, the person on the platform or in the pew? It’s true that some positions are more prominent than others. Some may have more responsibilities. Some are more influential. God may even hold some to a higher standard of accountability because of their position or privileges in ministry. But all of us as individuals are equally important to God, and our roles of service are equally valid in God’s kingdom. Depending on your God-given gifts, your efforts might be better spent on some things rather than others. Yet, God intends for all who serve Him to be guided by His Spirit and be full of His power to accomplish whatever purpose He’s assigned to them.

RESPOND: How do you think we can tell if people are “full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom”? (See 6:3 note.) Why is it important for wise, Spirit-directed people to be serving in every capacity of church ministry? Why is it important for ministry leaders–and anyone who serves God–to give time and attention to prayer? (See 6:4 note.) In what ways and for what reason did ministry leaders lay their hands on people? (See 6:6 note.) What’s the significance of this act? Why were people not able to stand up to or refute Stephen’s wisdom (cf. v. 10)? (See 6:8 note.) Where did he get his wisdom? What do you think it means that Stephen’s “face was like the face of an angel”? In what ways should God’s life show through us like this?

PRAY: Ask God to help you live full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom and to give adequate attention to prayer so you can be as effective as possible in serving God and communicating His message to others.

ACT: Spend some extra time in prayer and in God’s Word today. Perhaps during a study period or break at work you can review some of your Bible study over the past few days. Try praying on the way to and from school or work. Also, find a couple practical ways in which you can serve people today and help meet their needs.

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