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NT Fire Starters – Day 163: Acts 3:1-26

READ: Acts 3:1-26

THINK: While many people dream of wealth, power and the ability to go wherever and do whatever they want, few will experience this illusive fantasy. And those who do usually find little satisfaction and no real fulfilment. But regardless of whether you attain any degree of worldly wealth, power or freedom, your life can be characterized by the ultimate power and provision that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus. Knowing Jesus gives you access to His authority. It also gives you access to something that no earthly jaunt or exotic getaway can provide– the constantly refreshing presence of the Holy Spirit, a limitless source of godly influence and inspiration.

RESPOND: Whether they are rich, poor or in between, what should all Christians possess above any material wealth (v. 6)? Who was responsible for the miraculous power displayed by Peter and John (cf. v. 12-13, 16)? (See 3:6 note.) What does it mean to pray for something “in the name of Jesus”? What hope did Peter present to the people who had participated in handing Jesus over to be killed (vv. 17-19)? What were they to do in order to receive forgiveness and spiritual refreshing? In what way does God restore and refresh people spiritually? (See 3:19 note.) What is the time Peter referred to when God will restore everything? (See 3:21 note.) Who is the prophet that Moses spoke about long ago (v. 22) and what would He do? (See 3:22 note.) What happens to those who do not listen to Jesus (v. 23)? What is the condition for receiving God’s blessing? (See 3:26 note.)

PRAY: Ask Jesus to keep your life spiritually pure and prepared so He can work through you in powerful, and miraculous ways. When He does, pray that you are faithful to give all credit and honor to Jesus. If you are in need of spiritual refreshing, pray for God’s inspiration and encouragement as you spend time with Him.

ACT: Think of someone who has a need–physically, financially, relationally, etc.–that you do not have the ability to meet through your own efforts or resources. Contact the person and ask if you can pray for him or her, believing that God can work through their situation in a way that meets the need and honors Him.

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