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NT Fire Starters – Day 162: Acts 2:37-47

READ: Acts 2:37-47

THINK: Many churches today aim to pattern themselves after the church described in the New Testament, hoping to experience the same supernatural power, selfless devotion, and extraordinary growth. If you’re looking to emulate the priorities of the first-century Church, this passage describes them in specific and practical terms.

RESPOND: What does Peter instruct the people to do in order to be spiritually saved? (See 2:38 note.) Although water baptism itself does not save a person, what is the significance of this act? What evidence does this passage provide that the baptism in the Holy Spirit was not just for those present at Pentecost, but for all who would follow Christ from that time on? (See 2:39 note.) Why does God continue to baptize Jesus’ followers in the Holy Spirit? What is the ongoing significance of Peter’s challenge to “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation”? (See 2:40 note.) What were the primary disciplines and activities of those in the early church, which serve as a pattern for Christians and churches today? (See 2:42-47 note.) What’s the significance of each of these disciplines? What were some of the selfless characteristics and practices of those in the first-century church, and what can we learn from their example (vv. 44-47)? What were the powerful results of the early believers’ devotion to Christ and to each other? (v. 43, 47)? (See second half of 2:42-47 note.)

PRAY: Ask God to keep the Holy Spirit’s presence fresh in your life. Ask Him to help you and the people in your church to develop the disciplines and characteristics of those in the first-century church. Ask Him to help you personally develop a selfless and generous attitude toward others in the church.

ACT: If you are participating in any activities or relationships that could negatively affect or corrupt you spiritually, pull away from these things at once. If this involves relationships that must still be part of your life in some way, determine to be the positive influence on others. Also, make sure that you’re developing each of the four disciplines mentioned in verse 42-47 by participating in ministry contexts that allow you to practice these things consistently.

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