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NT Fire Starters – Day 152: John 16:17-33

READ: John 16:17-33

THINK: Are you looking for trouble? Hopefully not. But regardless, trouble will find you–as long as you live in this world. Christians often seem surprised when faced with adverse circumstances through no fault of their own. But Jesus told His followers that they would encounter trouble–even more so because of their faith. Life will be tough, but it will cause you to depend on Jesus and to fully appreciate the peace and joy He provides in the midst of present circumstances and the ultimate victory that can be yours for eternity.

RESPOND: In what way will Jesus followers grieve while the world rejoices (v. 20)? What does this indicate about the difference that exists between true Christians and the rest of the world regarding their passions, priorities and purposes? What are some examples of things the world celebrates that should grieve Jesus’ followers? When and how would His followers sorrow turn to joy (v. 20, 22)? Why can’t the world rob you of the joy of your relationship with Jesus (v. 22)? What does it mean to ask for things “in Jesus name”? (See 14:13 and 15:7 notes.) How would you describe the Father’s love for Jesus’ followers? (See 16:27 note.) What does God’s love mean to you personally? In what ways will you have trouble in the world–particularly because of faith in Jesus? How does Jesus give peace in the midst of trouble? How did Jesus overcome the world (v. 33), and how can you also do so as His follower?

PRAY: Thank Jesus for the hope, joy and peace He gives–and no on can take away–in the face of grief and trouble.

ACT: Take notice today of things in the media, in advertising, in your studies, at work, etc., which reflect the beliefs, practices and priorities that the world seems to promote and celebrate. Consider how your attitude as a follower of Christ should be toward these things. You definitely should not be arrogant or judgmental, but neither should you simply accept or concede to these things. Perhaps some of these should cause you to grieve–not out of hopelessness, but out of compassion for those who are deceived and caught up in the worlds ways. Let these issues turn you to prayer. Ask God to open people’s eyes to His truth and to use you to graciously influence others for Him.

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