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NT Fire Starters – Day 149: John 14:15-31

READ: John 14:15-31

THINK: It’s one thing to claim to love and follow Jesus and to say that He lives in you, but it’s another thing to prove it. And while proving to someone else that God is real may be a difficult thing, proving that you really love Him is not so difficult. You must simply do what He asks and desires of you. Of course, that will not always be easy. Your human nature tends to resist God’s intentions, and pressure from others as well as ungodly spiritual forces push you to do things your own way. But if you’ve chosen to follow Jesus, He’s given you His presence and power through the Holy Spirit, who enables you to obey God and demonstrate that your love for Him is real.

RESPOND: What will you do if you truly love Jesus? (See 14:15 note.) How should this affect your daily life? What will Jesus do for those who love Him? (See 14:16 first note.) Who is the “Counselor” and how does He fill that role? (See 14:16 second note.) Why is the Holy Spirit called “the Spirit of truth,” and how does that relate to Jesus and to you? (See 14:17 first note.) How does Jesus currently reveal His presence to His followers? (See 14:18 note.) Where will the Holy Spirit reside and how should this impact your life? (See 14:17 second note.) What does it mean to be “in” Jesus and to have him in you (v. 20)? How should this be evident in your life? Why is it vital to obey Jesus? (See 14:21 note.) How does Jesus show himself to those who obey Him? (See 14:23 note.) What does it indicate if a person doesn’t obey Jesus? (See 14:24 note.) What are some character traits of the Holy Spirit? (See 14:26 note.) What will the Spirit do for Jesus’ followers (v. 26)? How is the peace that Jesus gives different from the world’s peace (v. 27)?

PRAY: Ask Jesus to help you obey Him completely and without hesitation. Thank Jesus for the power, guidance and comfort of the Holy Spirit. Also, thank Him for giving you true peace, beyond anything the world could offer.

ACT: Perhaps you sense that God has told you to do something–either directly through His Word, through prayer, or by guidance from the Holy Spirit–but you have not yet acted on God’s command or instruction. Demonstrate true devotion to God by taking Him at His Word, doing what He desires and trusting Him to help you.

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