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NT Fire Starters – Day 148: John 13:31-14:14

READ: John 13:31-14:14

THINK: Most people in the world are offended by the view that there is only one way to God. Popular consensus says that there are any number of equally valid faiths and paths to “God.” Those who hold this misguided notion are not just rejecting a Christian worldview; they are rejecting Jesus’ own claim. Perhaps the only way they’ll consider the truth is if they begin to see the reality of Christ’s life and love in those who claim to follow Him. If their relationships with God and each other convey an accurate image of Jesus, people may begin to see who He really is and begin to understand that His exclusive claim is really an open invitation to ultimate fulfillment and eternal life.

RESPOND: What does it mean to “love one another” as Jesus loved us? (See 13:34.) How would you describe this love (See 13:35 note.) How does this command apply specifically to other Christians? Does this mean we should all believe the same things? Why or why not? What things must we not compromise in our relationships with other believers? Why is it so important that Christians’ relationships be characterized by self-sacrificing love? What happens if Christians don’t demonstrate this type of devotion to Jesus and to one another? What hope did Jesus give us before He left earth? (See 14:2 and 14:3 notes.) How do His promises affect your outlook on life? What does it mean that Jesus is “the way and the truth and the life”? (See 14:6 note.) Why is He the only way to God the Father? Why do most people reject this view? How would you answer this objection? What do Jesus’ words in verses 9-11 indicate about His relation to God the Father? In what ways would Jesus’ followers do “greater things” than He did while on earth? (See 14:12 note.) In what way are these things still a credit to Jesus? What does it mean to ask for things in Jesus name? (See 14:13 note.) What privileges and responsibilities does this imply for you personally?

PRAY: Ask Jesus to help you develop a more selfless and sacrificial love for other Christians so that non-Christians get an accurate view of Jesus’ love through you. Thank Jesus for preparing a place for you in heaven and for His promise to return for you. Pray with an intense awareness of Jesus’ authority, power and love for you.

ACT: Make a deliberate effort to show kindness to everyone today (as you always should). Go out of your way to show particular kindness to fellow Christians, especially those at school or work with whom you might not typically spend time. Also, review the 14:6 note for more insight on Jesus being the only way to God. Keep in mind that it’s not your job to prove that. It’s Jesus’ own claim. People must choose whether or not to take Him at His Word.

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