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NT Fire Starters – Day 145: John 12:1-19

READ: John 12:1-19

THINK: If you’ve attended church for any length of time, you’ve probably seen a lot of people offer praise and worship to God. No doubt the expressions have been varied. Some people tend to be contemplative and reserved, while others seem more emotional and exuberant. Both sincere worship and shallow worship can assume a variety of forms, postures and expressions. The difference is that truly sincere and fully devoted worshipers are willing to take their expressions of affection outside of the typical worship context. In everyday life settings they do things that truly honor and exalt Jesus. Sincere worshipers are not inhibited by what other people think of their passion for Jesus, and they are prepared to honor Him even when it costs them dearly.

RESPOND: What do Mary’s actions toward Jesus indicate about her devotion to Him? (See 12:3 note.) What were some of the unusual aspects of Mary’s actions, and what do they reveal about her character and attitude toward Jesus? Why did Jesus rebuke Judas and accept Mary’s extravagant gift? What does this reveal about how much Jesus appreciates special attention and affection from His followers? Why do you think the crowd praised Jesus as He entered Jerusalem? In what way was it significant that Jesus rode into the city on a donkey? Do you think the crowd was sincere in their praise? Why or why not? What are the dangers of basing one’s faith in Jesus on specific signs or miracles? How can you develop and demonstrate deep devotion to Jesus, like Mary and her family had?

PRAY: Ask Jesus to help you develop a more bold yet humble devotion to Him–a devotion that is willing to demonstrate love and appreciation for Jesus, regardless of what others think.

ACT: Think of something special you can do to express devotion to Jesus. It could be anything from volunteering to minister in some way at church, to serving someone in need, to writing a poem or creating a piece of art in honor of Him. This should cost you in some way–time, effort, money, or willingness to overcome fear or self-consciousness.

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