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NT Fire Starters – Day 142: John 10:22-42

READ: John 10:22-42

THINK: Who are you listening to? There are a lot of voices in the world vying for your attention, bombarding you with a myriad of messages aimed at influencing you in one way or another. Some are worthwhile; many are not. Some you choose to listen to, and some you can’t seem to ignore. It can be difficult to hear what’s really important through all of the noise. As you sift through the chatter, consider whether what you hear builds you up, benefits you spiritually and brings you or anyone else closer to God. Above all, does it help you to discern God’s voice, or does it distract you from hearing Him. Perhaps it’s time to tune out some noise so you can tune in to God.

RESPOND: What does Jesus mean in saying, “My sheep listen to my voice”? (See 10:27 note.) How do people truly “hear” and listen to Jesus? What do the words “listen” and “follow” imply (v. 27)? What comfort and encouragement can you take from verses 28-29? (See 10:28 note.) In reality, what is the only thing that can remove you from the life and purpose God intends for you? What was the people’s main issue and accusation against Jesus (cf. vv 30-33, 36)? What do Jesus’ claims in this passage mean to you personally? What does it mean that the Law referred to people as “gods”? (See 10:34 note.) In what way does this relate to how people should view Jesus and how they should (or should not) view themselves?

PRAY: Ask Jesus to help you always listen and discern His voice and to follow His lead. Thank Him for giving you eternal life and for the fact that no one and nothing–outside of your own choice–can take you away from Him.

ACT: Once again, as you may have practiced a few days ago, go through the day making a conscious effort to listen for God’s direction in all you do. (Listening to God’s side of the communication is a vital prayer discipline.) This does not mean that you have to stop for a length of time before every decision. But make choices and do things based on a desire to honor God and reflect His character. Remember, don’t just aim to hear but also to follow God’s direction, obeying what you sense He’s saying to you.

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